Queen Bitch

Queen Bitch - Michael Anderle As I wrote in my review of Death Becomes Her I am somewhat hooked on this book series. It is great fun to read. It has a rather original take on vampires and the heroine as well as her team is foul mouthed and kick-ass (and she is good looking apparently).

The books continues the story right after were the previous book left off. The book has plenty of “surprise moments” where either some future team member is made aware that there are things that go bump in the night or some bad guy comes to realize that Bethany Anne’s bumps in the night usually means someone is about to die…violently! I quite like “surprise moments” so that bumps upp the enjoyment factor for me.

The main thread, that was started in the first book, continues but luckily the author avoids the pitfall of advancing it too fast. Bethany Anne slowly but surely works towards the final goal but she has a few minor tasks to perform first. Like putting together a team, actually “organisation” is probably a better word for it, and shaking up the UnknownWorld, getting rid of the undesirables etc…

As I wrote, a few “minor” tasks. Once that is done the the REAL work of saving the world can begin.

There are plenty of enjoyable moments in the book. Everything from amusing bantering in the team and enlisting new team players to creatively and violently disposing of the less desirable elements of both the human world and the UnknownWorld. Everything accompanied by a healthy dose of, as the book blurb defines it, creative cussing.

I found the book well done and thoroughly fun to read with lovely characters. There are really no dull characters in the book. Stupid perhaps but not dull and the life expectancy of the stupid ones are rather low anyway.

I am already on book three in the series and I love every minute of reading it. I think I am about to get a overdose on this series soon so I guess I have to squeeze in a few other books after the third one.