Magical Probi

Magical Probi - T.S. Paul This is the second book in The Federal Witch series following Conjuring Quantico. Agatha has finished her first set of studies at FBI and is now a Probationary Agent. As such she must have a handler. The two set out to deal with the various magic related calamities that faith throws in their way. It is a fairly light but definitely fun read.

One thing I like with the books in The Federal Witch series is that Agatha is a powerful witch and she knows it. She is also not whimpering and moaning like a lot of “heroines” in various books. Those who believes that they can push her around or belittle her will learn their mistakes. Nobody touches the witch!

The book is a rather light read. There’s a lot of occasions for Agatha to user her magic as well some investigative work to be done. Agatha is good at both. My favorite moments are when she rebuffs some dumbass bureaucrat or the equally dumb local police officers or FBI agents from some competing branch of FBI. As I wrote, nobody touches the witch!

The non-cooperative and backstabbing behavior between the various law enforcement characters is really a bit over the top. It is certainly providing some humor to the story but it is also being quite a bit of a balancing act between funny and ridiculous.

The book feels a little bit as a collection of shorter novels put together to form a normal sized one. Agatha and her supervisor is not solving one but several cases after each other. It is not much of a problem for me since the shorter stories flows seamlessly together into the larger one but it might come as a bit of a surprise.

Agatha’s supervisor is a pleasant character. Although he is running the Magical Chrimes Division he is a mundane. This assignment is actually his first experience of a real witch. He has a lot of know-how making investigations and working within FBI though so it turns out to be a learning experience for both of them.

Overall I enjoyed the book. It is a light read, sometimes with a bit too much silliness but quite fun to read nonetheless. Personally I’m going straight for the next book.