Black Howl

Black Howl  - Christina Henry Black Howl is another good read in the Black Wings series. Madeline’s adventures continues in a enjoyable mix of humor, vendettas and demon bashing. Madeline is quite good at the latter, not so much on the vendettas and intrigue.

The discovery of erratically behaving souls drags Madeline into an investigation that leads back to some old enemies, a lot of demons and the discovery of a despicable black market scheme leaving a trail of humans and werewolves as empty shells when what defines them are ripped out of their bodies.

Just to make sure life do not become too easy for Madeline the author throws in yet another plot to usurp Satan’s leadership of the fallen. Naturally both schemes are intertwined and Madeline are in for a few surprises when she discovers where the loyalties of some characters are.

Madeline is the usual kick ass, sword wielding descendant of the morning star as in the previous books. You really do not want to piss her off. Her annoying, feeding frenzy prone but faithful Gargoyle provides the usual comical relief. Nathaniel is the usual dick as in previous books and JB walks a tight line between being an ass and being among the likable characters. For the most part he manages to stay on the right side.

A lot of people seems to be somewhat upset about the tragic events near the end of the book. I have to say that I was not too surprised and I cannot say that it bothered me too much either. I just hope that this turn of events does not result in Madeline going into sulking mode in the next book(s) in the series since I am quite looking forward to read the next installment.