Black Night

Black Night - Christina Henry I quite liked the first book in the series. It was a promising start. After now having read the second book in the series I see now reason to change my mind. I will most likely continue with this series.

Madeline is now pretty well aware that she is a rather powerful entity and very much part of the world that goes bump in the night. Or perhaps I should say bang rather than bump when Madeline is involved. She is not yet aware of how powerful she actually is though but she is a quick learner. Sadly, some of the powers she demonstrated in the previous book are gone since they were part of Evangeline and her possession of Madeline. She recovers a few other though, which will hopefully stay with her. That together with the fact that most of the various despicable villains in the book always underestimate Madeline makes for a few really enjoyable surprise scenes. The scene where Madeline walks back into the court of the, less than honest, fae queen after having…(well you have to read the book to know what she did won’t you) was really good.

The other characters develop as well and J.B. is almost likable in this book. Nathaniel is still a bit of a sleazebag but he is also a bit more than that. The junk food loving grumpy Gargoyle is ever present of course. Then there are of course a few monsters, werewolves faes and the usual bunch of fallen angels around to fill out the scenes.

The story is quite okay. The faes and the fallen plots and schemes as usual and, surprise surprise, Madeline ends up in the middle. It is decently paced with quite a bit of action as well as verbal sparring. It also advances the main story arc in a good enough way.

All in all this is a good urban fantasy book will lots of magic and supernatural stuff in it.