Black Wings

Black Wings  - Christina Henry I found this book to be a promising start of a new book series for me to read. After my disappointment with Thunderbird Falls I think that series has fallen off my to-read list and I was looking for another Urban Fantasy series to read instead. This might be it.

I quite enjoyed the book. Christina already knows that there are things that go bump in the night. She already has magical powers. What she does not know is that she has only seen the surface of the iceberg, both in terms of things that go bump in the night and in terms of her own powers.

The world building is not at all bad. Madeline is an enjoyable character and so is her grumpy Gargoyle as well as a lot of the other characters in the book. Madeline is not the wining and dumb brat as the “heroine” in some books is. She is both reasonably clever, sharp tonged and serious. She is hampered by her inexperience in the world she is about to be thrown into though. A fact that is pointed out to her several times throughout the book. Both verbally and by other, more physical, means.

The book is fairly fast paced with a fair amount of action. Madeline posses “true” magic, you know the throw fireballs and stuff around kind of magic. Unfortunately for her so does most of the not so nice characters in this book. The author makes her own take on fallen angels, hell and heaven etc. I liked her take on it.

As we progress through the book Madeline is thrown as few twists her way and by consequence the reader is thrown a few twist his way. Not all bad guys are bad guys and some good guys are actually a bit naughty etc… To cope with everything Madeline is forced to learn quickly. I definitely liked the discover and surprise parts of the story.

This is the first book in a book series and despite being a bit of an initial world builder kind of book it never felt dull. Yet it managed to do a fairly good job of the world building and, at the same time, it avoided going way to fast and gloss over important events for Madeline.

I will certainly read at least the second book in the series to see if it can keep my interest up.