Thunderbird Falls

Thunderbird Falls   - C.E. Murphy I thought the first book in the Walker Papers series was okay enough for me to give the second book in the series a go. Unfortunately I was not impressed by Thunderbird Falls. One might even go so far as to say that I was disappointed.

The book follows a pattern common pattern to many urban fantasy books. Main character discovers that he/she has some form of magic/supernatural powers and gets dragged into a world where there are things that go bump in the night. After the initial introduction the books in the series pits the character against a series of bad guys one after another while the character develops as we go along.

However Joanne does not really seem to develop. If anything she almost regresses not wanting to use or learn about her shamanic powers. Worse, she walks around like a sleepwalker moaning about how tired she is or how unfair the world is and so on. She is duped more or less from the first page and continues to be played up until the ending where she somehow manages to avoid disaster despite the total mess.

When Joanne actually delves into her powers it is in surrealistic dream sequences which are more confusing than being a good read. I could perhaps have lived with that if Joanne would have developed along the way but she behaves like a less than intelligent wimp most of the time. In the first book she was a bit hot mouthed and showed some spunk but I did not get any feeling of such traits in this book.

Bottom line is that I was rather disappointed and I am in doubt whether I will read the next book in the series.