We Are Death, Come For You

We Are Death, Come For You - Doug Dandridge It is not much of a surprise that I liked this book. The story is right up my alley and it is written by one of my favorite authors, Doug Dandridge. I absolutely love his Exodus: Empires at War series. This book was published in 2013 and has passed under my radar…until know. It is not part of any of Doug’s ongoing series but rather a standalone book with a distinct start, middle and end. Having said that it would not be difficult to imagine a continuation of the story in a future book.

As the book blurb states the humans face an invasion of fanatic death worshippers who believe that their mission is to eradicate all life in the universe finishing with themselves. They are not that bright though and not really more advanced than the humans except for their total conversion beam. They conquer by swarming their enemies with their sheer numbers.

One unusual aspect of the book is that none of the parties involved possess faster than light travel. Thus when the humans are alerted to the aliens presence they have years to prepare. Obviously a lot of the book are about the human’s preparations and their desperate struggle to find a technological advantage over the aliens. One which they ultimately find but you have to read the book to find out what.

Once the action starts it is well done with thousands of ships involved. In the end it boils down to a few ships and a few people saving the day though.
As usual with Doug Dandridge’s books this one is well written and enjoyable to read although I have to say that it lacks somewhat of the depth and complexity of his Exodus: Empires at War series. But then with that series Doug has had several rather large books in which to develop the story and the characters.

Bottom line for me is that this was a good military science fiction adventure and I read through it more or less non-stop.