Dead Witch Walking

Dead Witch Walking - Kim Harrison I guess if you can get past the fact that Rachel Morgan is certainly not the brightest bulb in the box I guess this could be a rather enjoyable story for you. Personally I feel that the book was not as good as it could have been due to the constant fumbling, stumbling and general “wimpiness” of the main character.

As a matter if fact the person I liked the most in this book was Rachel’s vampire room mate Ivy. There are three main characters, on the good side at least, in this book. Two are introduced from the start and one is coming in a bit later. Unfortunately two of them, including the main character, are a we bit short in the grey matter area. It is not like Rachel lacks the go-ahead. Quite the contrary. She dives into one bad situation after another with great enthusiasm. Unfortunately she mostly leaves her brain in idling mode while doing so. The character introduced later in the book is not much smarter. When you have just almost gotten clobbered by a demon you do NOT allow it to sweet talk you into doing you a favor once you have managed to trap it!

I found this a bit annoying. Rachel is also not exactly what you would call a bad-ass. She is rather on the wimpy side when it comes to dishing it out to the bad guys. Sneaking around in the shadows and avoiding confrontation is more her style. Something she is not really very good at unfortunately as evidenced from the fact that the same bad guy rather consistently caught he trying to do so. Change tactics perhaps? Obviously that thought did not occur to Rachel.

The basic story is not bad. There is quite a bit of potential in it. At the end of the book the scene is set for the continuation of the series with the usual mix of friends, allies and enemies. I just whish that Rachel would have been a bit more clever as well as a bit more of a bad-ass. I am not sure whether this is a series that I whish to pursue. I will probably give it a chance and read one more at least but this book did not give me as much satisfaction as I hoped for.