Deadly Sting

Deadly Sting - Jennifer Estep This was definitely one of the better books in this book series and certainly an improvement upon the previous two books.

One thing that makes me write that it is better is that it finally have a story where the main thread is not just a variation of the same one used in most of the previous books. In this book Gin is thrown into a situation a’la Die Hard when a bunch of giants stage a hold up on the museum she, and to no one’s surprise Finn and Owen, happens to visit at the same time.

Gin gets plenty of opportunities to demonstrate her skills while trying to save her friends as well as take down the bad guys. As an additional bonus the entire plot ties into Gin’s not-so-favorite lawyer and we are finally treated to a few pages where Gin actually deals with this unpleasant individual.

Quite a few people still seems to hold a grudge against Owen and are complaining about how bad, stupid and other worse things he is. I still do not get this. His reactions are fairly understandable as far as I am concerned and he is in no way the stupid, wussy jerk that Gin’s previous male acquaintance was.

As a whole the book was quite entertaining. Sure, there is the usual tiresome reciting of what any reader that have read the previous books already know, Gin is fumbling around a bit too much considering she is about to be a professional assassin and it is a bit annoying that, every time she is about to strike something silly happens that screws her plans but this is minor nuisances. Gin is still bad-ass Gin who does not hesitate to do some hacking and slashing when necessary.