The First Imperium

The First Imperium - Jay  Allan With this installment in the Crimson Worlds series we are back in business again. This book contains a lot less political BS (although there are still some present) and instead brings the “real” story into focus. That is the story of the newly awakened “First Imperium” and their unexpected and devastating attacks on the human colonies.

This book have many of the elements that I like in a good Sci-Fi book. The surprise factor when aliens show up for the first time, action both in space and on the ground. As far as I am concerned, these books are now quite well written and any trace of the issues found in the first one are long gone. The characters are interesting, the story well-presented and the action is very good and as believable as you have the right to expect from a Sci-Fi novel.

I do not think it is much of a spoiler when I say that the humans gets pretty well clobbered in the first encounters with the new bad guys. It doesn’t help that Eric have serious trust issues when it comes to deploying his former enemies from the Caliphate on his side. Stark, sitting in his “Directorate” back on Earth, do not get it as usual and continues his plotting like the total [rude word] he is despite the human race being on the line but, as I wrote earlier, much less of the book is spent on this crap. At the end the book have, not surprisingly, set the stage for some major confrontations in the coming books.

I am indeed looking forward to reading the next one.