A Rising Thunder

A Rising Thunder - David Weber Talk, talk, talk! A lot of people have commented on the fact that David Weber have turned the Honor Harrington series into a political soap opera where people talk, talk and talk some more. When I started to read these books they were really good and they were really about Honor Harrington. Now, I don’t think even one quarter of this book had Harrington in it.

That’s really a shame since the books are not at all that good any more. There are some redeeming and spectacular space battles in this book and I quite like how the Solarians get their butt kicked big time but it’s just not good enough when, in three quarters of the book you just turn pages in the hope that the boring politicians will shut up and Harrington will enter the scene.

I think the only reason I read this books now is that, so far, I’ve read them all and I want to know what happens the same way you want to see how a film ends even if you’re not that thrilled about the film itself when you’ve reached the half way mark.