The Copernicus Deception

The Copernicus Deception - T.R. Harris, Elizabeth Mackey This is quite a short book with just above 200 pages which is a bit disappointing. In my opinion the author could easily have merged this book and the next one (which I have already read) Scorched Earth since they are really part of the same story arc in The Human Chronicles universe. Those of you who has already read any of the books in this book series know what you should expect and this book is no exception. A pretty lightweight, quick but action filled and entertaining read.

As usual the story flows rather rapidly and alien clobbering, surprise reversals with some entertaining albeit not very profound dialogue between the main characters in between. Cain always has a plan. It is just that he makes it up along the way and it usually involves killing a few (or a lot of) aliens or blow something up…usually both.

It is an easy to read book and ideal, for me at least, for when feeling a bit tired to really concentrate on a deep and complicated story. I guess this might put a few people off but I also guess that there is enough people out there that feels the same since this is now the 15th instalment in the series.
My main gripe is that it is really short and feels mostly like a build up for the story in the next instalment which is twice the size by the way.