The New Prometheus

The New Prometheus - Andrew Dobell The New Prometheus is an okay read. Nothing to write home about but a decent piece of futuristic action story. The core setting is perhaps a bit overused nowadays. Evil mega corporations are more or less controlling society and the governments are little more than puppets in the hands of the corporations. Not that original. There are a few twists that makes the story a bit more interesting though.

The corporations in question deal in cybernetics and they do not only control by means of political power but they literally control people by means of cybernetic implants. Apparently few people have avoided getting these implants even though they are not really forced upon them. The main character, Frankie, is one of those people that has managed to avoid implants … until now.

The rest of the book is a fairly action filled roller coaster ride with a log of world building, rescue operations, disposing of corporation agents in various more or less messy ways and in particular our setting up our heroin and what I assume will be her team of good guys. The corporations have absolute zero respect for anything resembling law and order, of course, and pretty much fields there own armed forces who do not hesitate to start firefights (with heavy weapons) in the middle of a city. Can you say collateral damage?

I think it is a decent enough book. Not fantastic but good enough for me to be interested in the next one. The book does not really have that much of a conclusion other that it is start to hit back at the corporations. There is an interesting little twist happening on the last page though.