Love Lost

Love Lost - Michael Anderle As the book blurb states Bethany Anne gets seriously pissed off in this installment of The Kurtherian Gambit series. That is of course not everything that goes on in this book but a vampire in rage is always a good ingredient for this kind of book.

While Bethany Anne undertakes some serious ass kicking she is also, contrary to what the book blurb seems to imply, continuing to work towards the goal of preparing for the bigger threat. It is quite interesting how the various vampire and werewolf clans are not really the main threat but merely a nuisance to be dealt with. The science fiction aspect of the book series is slowly asserting itself however. Even though the book is still mostly a vampire book.

The book is as great as the previous book in the series. The usual ingredients are there like great characters, fun bantering between them, nice and steady progression of the main story arc and then of course we have the intimidating, gorgeous primo bad ass herself.

I really like how the author still, even though this is the third book, manages to continue to make it feel kind of fresh with new variants of wow (or in some cases whoops) moments when various characters are confronted with the concept of vampires or, in the case of vampires themselves, learns how far down the food chain they actually are.

This was the third book in this series and I have read them back to back so I am going to make a quick detour and read something else now but I do not think it will be long before I rush back for the fourth book.