Day of Infamy

Day of Infamy - Doug Dandridge I have to say that I procrastinated a wee bit before starting to read this book. The title scared me somewhat. With that title I was afraid that things were going to make a turn for the worst and the book to be a bit sad. Well, the shit did hit the fan big time but it was not as bad as I thought and the book was great. This is probably the most combat filled book in the series. It is almost non-stop action from start to finish.

The book starts off with following the Cacas infiltrating human core space with wormhole equipped ships in preparation for their sneak attack. Naturally the do succeed since otherwise we would not have much of a story would we. During this time the book switches between the infiltrators and the humans going about their business. As you can read in the book blurb the Alysium and Crakista political caste decide to do what politicians do best, screw things up. So by the time the Cacas decide to make their move quite a bit of products that have passed the digestive tract of various species are ready to be thrown into the fan.

I will of course not tell you exactly what the Cacas have planned but I would say that it is not really a spoiler for anyone with moderate intelligence to state that the Donut is high on the Cacas hitlist. When they do move the humans are, of course, taken by utter surprise. This annoyed me a little bit since they did have intelligence warning that the Cacas probably had developed wormhole technology and the targets they hit were not exactly surprising ones.

Anyway, once the Cacas begin to move it rather quickly turns into not one, not two but three large slug-feasts in three different places between the Cacas and the humans. This is a dire day for the humans and the losses rise quite quickly. After the initial surprise the humans fight back, no surprise there, but for what happens next you have to read the book. Too much spoilers otherwise.

There are a few interesting things that I can mention though. Mr. Dandridge throws in a few twists and hints as the story develops. One that causes much grief for Sean but which I believe will serve as a major plot element in future books. There are also hints of new technology, supposedly military, about to be ready to help the humans. I always like new stuff. Especially if it is going to give provide some nasty surprises for the bad guys.

The book is written with the excellence that we have come to expect from Mr. Dandridge. There is just enough detail to the story without it turning into an endless series of dialogues or monologues like, for instance, the latest books by David Weber, the characters are good, even the Cacas are interesting and the action is great.

As usual I can hardly wait for the next installment in the series.