The Belial Guard

The Belial Guard - R.D. Brady This book started well enough. Not great but okay. But sadly it sent downhill from there. As usual Laney is pursuing her combat against the evil forces but in this book a lot of time is spent on Laney hiding from dumbass media jerks. The more the book progresses the more said dumbasses takes over the story and att towards the end the story deteriorates when the unbelievable assholes in various governments seems to take previously mentioned dumbass media and what they, falsely, claim as the truth of the day. What the f…?

The book does have an underlying story apart from the media circus but it gets overshadowed by these despicable journalists, a lot of brooding and sulking from the main characters and a ridiculous sentiment of not using the best means at their disposal, in particular the computer wiz kid, because they want to protect the children.

Laney saves the day, and quite possibly the world, as usual but receives little gratitude. Quite to the contrary some unusually dense governments seems to base their actions on unfounded gossip and insinuations from ludicrous TV-shows who any half intelligent person would now are unreliable at best and are only concerned about the viewer ratings.

The last straw was when letal force was, apparently, authorized against Laney based entirely on previously mentioned totally baseless insinuations. This is not only ludicrous but totally unbelievable and pretty much ruined the book for me.

This was probably the worst book in the series as far as I am concerned. It has a story worthy of a B-class movie or TV-show.