Never Forsaken

Never Forsaken - Michael Anderle The story continues and Bethany Anne & Co are as fouled mouthed and ass kicking as ever. I have to say that this book series has become one of my favorite urban fantasy series. It is fairly straightforward in terms of story, has great characters, has lots of no-bullshit action, there is no wimping, moaning and such like boring introspection from the main characters and has a somewhat difference mix of supernatural lore and science fiction than many books in the gengre.

Bethany Anne’s adventures continue from where the previous book ended. Her to-do list for this book only has a few items on it. Like getting the new werewolves integrated into her team, finding Michael, teaching a few ancient vampires the error of their ways, turning her favorite mutt into a suitable “supernatural” companion for the Queen Bitch, oh, and of course continue to prepare for saving the world. So just another day on the job for Bethany Anne.

As usual the characters are great. Especially Bethany Anne. The interactions are … inspired. The action is as kick ass as it should be for a Queen Bitch. We get to watch a few of the “security arrangements” that has been installed on her ships in action when a few misled souls thinks it would be a good idea to appropriate her naval transportation. Spoiler, it is a really really bad idea.

Pete has gone from being a spoiled and arrogant arse to becoming a major asset. That includes some “upgrades” to his abilities to inflict pain onto those unworthy of Bethany Anne’s respect.

The dog introduced in the previous book has become a permanent, and suitably menacing, companion to Bethany Anne.

The main story arch was moved forward in a fairly calm pace, unlike the general action which is swift and … violent, which suits me perfectly. This is a cake I want to keep eating for a long time. I have to restrain myself to read something else in between my fixes of Bethany Anne and not to binge read all the books already published so far.

Needless to say my rating for this book is a full set of stars.