Witness Enchantment

Witness Enchantment - T.S. Paul Agatha & Co have left the FBI Academy and are now on their first real mission as real agents. Yes, it could be said that this happened already in the third book but in that book it still did not feel like they had both feet outside of the academy. In this one the Academy is hardly mentioned and Agatha is the big bad boss more or less running the show herself.

I like that the book moves the overall story arc forward and, at the same time, handles the part of the story that concerns this particular book. The way it was done made the book feel that it had a finished story and at the same time took part in a bigger overall story which I guess was the intention of the author. There are some nice action parts in the book and Agatha’s reputation for being a bad ass witch is somewhat improved. Agatha also further develops her powers and there are some nice twists in the story that hints of great things to come.

As if trying to keep the nice but incredibly wimpy and naive witness alive was not enough Agatha & Co also have to deal with some family issues in the form of Agatha’s aunt. This woman is not only evil and despicable but also psychopathic, scheming and downright stupid. There are some moments that I really did like when Agatha and said aunt encounters each other but on the the whole I did not like this character at all. Sadly enough she might be playing a fairly important role in future books.

Of course the complaining Unicorn is more or less omnipresent.

Overall, a not too deep but fun and enjoyable read. Actually, so far I think that the Federal Which would could well make the foundation for a decent TV-show for young adults and upwards.