Escalation - Ryk Brown Escalation is the first book in The Frontiers Saga: Rouge Castes which is part 2 of the initial The Frontiers Saga, a 15 books series that started with Aurora: CV-01. I was a enjoying that series greatly up to the final book which ended in a way that did not sit well with me at all. It was therefore with some hesitation that I picked up this book, the first one, in part 2 of the saga. I am happy that I did since I did indeed like this book. It sets the stage for another interesting adventure in The Frontiers Saga universe.

This book starts 7 years from the end of the last book. As I wrote above it is the first one in part 2 of the saga so naturally it is a bit of a stage setter starting off somewhat slowly introducing the characters building the plot up and so on. Nevertheless it is good reading and it does not really take that long before the action starts. When it starts it starts with a bang. Worlds are falling before the renewed and upgraded Jung war machine. The only question is, will Earth be among the fallen...again? Well if you hope to get the answer in this book you are, not surprisingly, going to get disappointed.

It is a good book with an interesting new story arc that takes off from the old one. New characters are introduced (some perhaps not as new as you might think but you will have to read the book to get the answer to that comment) and old ones are brought back into play. Something that I at least felt was welcome. Seven years has passed since we last met our friends so a few interesting things has happened to them during that time.

There are some twists and surprises along the way including a pretty big one at the very end of the book which certainly did not see coming. There are some political bickering and general stupidity, as always when politicians are involved, going on back on Earth as well but luckily this do not take up too many pages of the book.

Bottom line is that this is an enjoyable book and a promising start of part 2 of The Frontiers Saga.