Veil of Shadows (Book 2 of The Empire of Bones Saga)

Veil of Shadows (Book 2 of The Empire of Bones Saga) - Terry Mixon This is another fun read in The Empire of Bones Saga. It continues in the same style straight from where the previous book left off. The first book created a nice set up for the story to continue from and this one goes full speed ahead from there.

The story develops as Princess Kelsey struggles to adapt to the implants that was forced onto her. I think Kelsey has become my favorite character in the series with Commander Mertz coming in as close second. Kelsey is quick with her mouth, sharp and, after having received the implants, she is truly a “kick ass chick”.

The book is an enjoyable mix between adventure, discovery and action as in kicking the butts of the bad guys. It is fairly fast paced but not too fast. As with the previous book it is perhaps somewhat light reading but I found it to be a quite fun read nonetheless.

Each time Jared & Co think they have a handle on the situation a new surprise pops up around the corner. Sometimes it is a good one and sometimes it is a bad one. In either case it leads to more adventure for our friends. They themselves makes some new interesting friends as well as some new enemies. One thing I like with these books (small spoiler ahead) is that the bad guys generally receive the clobbering they deserve. Maybe not at once in the same book as they are introduced in but sooner or later their judgment day is coming (yes I am lagging behind with the reviews and I am already a few books ahead).

I was about to write that I am looking forward to the next book but that is rather meaningless since I already bought as well as read it.