The Dark Invaders

The Dark Invaders - Raymond L. Weil Although this book series is perhaps the one from Raymond L. Weil that I like the least it is still good and entertaining book. I have a bit of a problem with this Profiteer concept and the parody of a free market it depicts. The privateers are a bit like the Ferengi (which I never liked) but more violent and nasty.

Still, it is a good book in the usual Raymond L. Weil style of writing. The universe expands quite a bit in this book and we are introduced to the universe beyond the Gothan Empire. Naturally some new nasties are introduced and these make the privateers look like naughty children in a playground.

The privateers still pose a problem though and High Profiteer Creed and his machinations continue to complicate life for Admiral Vickers and the humans. As if a overwhelming powerful invader, that sees any other race as food, and the privateers are not enough humanity also faces internal threats. As usual these comes from dumbass politicians that are utterly incapable of grasping the reality of things and naturally also strive to obtain as much personal gain as possible. In the process they work towards gutting the Earth defense forces in order to spend money on buying votes. Sounds familiar? As always I am not too keen of these kind of complications. Reminds me too much of the real world.

Nevertheless, Admiral Vickers and his friends do manage to hold the fort. There is plenty of action in the book and, in general, it is well paced. The book expands the Star Cross universe quite a lot and the humans are thrown right smack in the middle of it. The action itself is well written and mostly in space which is my favorite kind of sci-fi action.

Overall it is an entertaining book and the next, the third one, is already on my reading list.