Rescue - Ryk Brown This installment of The Frontiers Saga did not really work for me. I know this is rather personal and subjective but I just do not like back-flashes and the majority of this book is a back-flash.

It starts well enough taking off from where the previous book left off after the surprise bomb that were dropped on us at the end of that book. Captain Tuplo is confronted with his real origins and, not surprisingly, has quite some difficulty believing it.

Then the book moves back in time and tells the story of how Jessica & Co managed to break into the Jung prison, store the brain patterns and DNA of Nathan Scott and get away with it. It is a good and well written story. That is not my problem. The problem is that I do…not…like back flashes. The story looses my interest when I know where it is going and how it will end. No matter how good the story is.

As I wrote, the story and the writing is really good. If you do not have my bias when it comes to back-flashes you are probably going to like this book, assuming you liked the rest of the books in the series of course.