Bite This

Bite This - Michael Anderle I really like this book series. It is fast, fun and action filled reading.

The story of the ass kicking vampire and her team of bad assess continues. As usual it is a fast paced book with lots of action. Having said that the main story arc advances but not as fast as one would believe. For me this is a good thing. Even though there are lots of things happening it does not feel rushed.

The science fiction part of the story is still not taking up a huge amount although it is slowly creeping into the books. This is another thing that I like together with the fact that, even though other people are now getting the “treatment”, Bethany Anne still is the dominating big, bad and intimidating bad ass vampire chick.

Bethany Anne is, well, Bethany Anne. Bad language? Only if you are (over)easily offended. Fun language? Hell yes!

I think this book is the one of the books I have read so far where most of the threads were left open at the end. There is really not much of a conclusion to anything. Actually it does even end in a bit of a cliffhanger. Normally that would annoy me and I guess it actually does a bit but I cannot say that it diminished my enjoyment of this book. Maybe that is because the next one is already published so I know I can pick it up when I want.

Well, the bottom line is that I truly enjoyed this book (as I have with the previous books in the series). If you are already a fan of the series this one will not disappoint.