Galaxy in Peril

Galaxy in Peril - Raymond L. Weil This book was my kind of story. It is well written with lots of likable characters. It has plenty of action and the bad guys gets quite a few surprises, in particular from the “primitive” humans.

The book switches regularly between the humans, the Enlightened races, especially the Lakiams and Fleet Commodore Dreen, and the Vorns. I quite liked this since it meant that we got a first hand view of the bad guy’s surprise when both the Lakiams and, in particular, the humans demonstrate that their bite is actually worse than their bark.

Reading about the adventure of Admiral Vickers is as enjoyable as it was in the previous book. Actually even more since the privateers do not play the main bad guy role in this book. However, the other characters are also quite enjoyable. Fleet Commodore Dreen is the Enlightened worlds’ version of Admiral Vickers. Mara is also a nice addition to the cast.

As I wrote there is plenty of action and it is well done. The losses for “our” side is staggering and time runs short for Admiral Vickers. I do not think it is too much of a spoiler to say that the Admiral and his new found friend(s) does indeed save the day, at least for the time being, at the end. After all, the books from this author usually ends on a somewhat positive note.

The Vorn might take a surprise beating in the end but they are far from defeated and Prince Brollen is now not just fighting for the Vorn’s “food source” but he vants revenge, big time.

I am looking forward to the next book in the series. This one kind of finished the current story arc but the author certainly left the path open for a new one to start.