Resurrection - Ryk Brown It took three books but finally all the setting up work seems to be done for the new story arc of The Frontiers Saga. The main event in this book should not really be much of a surprise for anyone given the title. What perhaps could be a bit of a surprise is that the rest of the story also advances quite a lot. There is a lot of things going on and the action is plentiful.

The Jung (or are they Jung?) are trying to solidify their hold over the Pentarus Cluster and in doing so they run into the Ghatazhak who, as they discover, is a slightly, tougher nut to crack than they expected. Having written that, being thrown enough gun fodder at them even the Ghatazhak have to resort to a strategic retreat.

On Earth drastic and perhaps somewhat rash measures are taken against the perceived Jung threat. Measures that will have far reaching repercussions for the future.

Captain Tuplo, acting as “Nah tan” and General Telles manages to get word to Earth which, to put it mildly, complicates life even further for the dear Captain of the Aurora. Difficult decisions has to be made. To mutiny or not to mutiny…

There are plenty of good battles both on the ground and in space. It is very enjoyable to read about how old friends reunites again throughout the book. In the end the old team is back again, well, mostly at least and hopefully we can dig into the real story and attack (literally) the real problem in the next book. Looking forward to read about that.