Shadow Rites

Shadow Rites - Faith Hunter Shadow Rites is another good, solid Urban Fantasy book in the Jane Yellowrock series. It is not as good as the previous installment but still very good.

It is a well written book with all the usual characters from the series. I really like Jane and her team, the bantering between them, the snarky comments, the way they work so well as a team and, of course, their ass kicking abilities. I am quite looking forward to see how the team develops with the newest addition to it. Let us just say that Jane did not see that one coming.

The story in this book focuses more on witches than vampires. Sure, a main element of the plot is the master vampire being rescued from the pit but the main bad guys in this installment are witches.

The book starts off right way on this path with a magical attack on Jane and from then on things go from bad to worse. Especially since Jane’s own abilities seems to be somewhat inhibited. This is a part of the story that I was not so found of. I really do not like when an author invents some way to handicap my bad ass heroes. Also, I did not like the stupid way that Jane blundered around before actually getting a grip on things. Come one, you have just been magically attacked and you do not really know what happened. Would it not be a good idea to try to investigate a wee bit before just continuing as usual and put yourself in harms way and discover things when shit are raining from the fan?

Apart from that I quite enjoyed the book. There was a lot of action of course although, as I wrote, I would have liked it more if Jane would have been more of her usual self.

Looking forward to the next installment.