Conjuring Quantico

Conjuring Quantico - T.S. Paul This book was quite fun to read. At times it is perhaps a bit nonsensical, even childish, but on the whole I liked both the story and the main character.

Agatha is a witch with some problems controlling her magic which in turn creates a few minor issues like buildings blowing up, people turning into pink rabbits etc. Unfortunately, for FBI, the agency needs a fully sanctioned witch on their payroll in order to combat the less mundane threats in the books alternate world where magic, werewolves and other supernatural entities roam around.

I like the way the book starts. As usual the FBI Director is a dick. However, to my great joy, said dick is pretty much immediately replaced by a very sympathetic new director who quickly takes a liking to Agatha and is not alien to circumventing the upper echelons when they try to interfere.
I also like the fact that, although Agatha has some magic control issues, she is indeed a powerful witch and she knows it.

Agatha has some friends as well which I also found quite likable. The fact that they are both werewolves, or in the case of her female friend a werecat, makes it even more fun to read. Especially when said werecat opens safes by ripping the doors off their hinges. Who needs a key anyway, they just get lost.

After the obligatory introduction Agatha and the werecat gets thrown straight into a kidnapping case even though they are still students. Both of our good guys prove to be quite adept at acting as agents, well at least within the confines of the story’s rather simplistic depiction of an FBI agent, and all in all I quite enjoyed reading this book.

I am fairly sure that I will pick up the next one.