The Line Must Hold (Crimson Worlds V)

The Line Must Hold (Crimson Worlds V) - Jay  Allan As can be deduced from the title as well as the book blurb this book follows on from the previous one and now Cain and the rest of humanity must make a stand to stop the First Imperium’s advance. The death of Cain’s best friend, General Jax, as well as the many others that have died under his command weighs heavily on Cain and he have become more and more single mindedly focused on killing the enemy…at all costs. To the extent that his friends are more and more worried about him.

There are lots, and I mean lots, of fighting in this book. Most of it dirtside but quite a lot in space as well. The writing is good to excellent and most of the politics are luckily absent. Apart from the main fighting we also get to follow a lone surviving Alliance ship that managed to survive far behind the enemies lines and slowly make her way back. Her actions as well as the intel she brings back will have a significant impact on the war. This makes for a nice change of pace throughout the book which would perhaps have been a bit overly combat focused without it. Not that I mind fighting though, rather the inverse.

We get a few glimpses behind the scenes of how the artificial mind behind the First Imperium things but not very much. I do not really like when the viewpoint switches to the bad guys for large chunks of a book but a few glimpses is nice and I think there could have been a little more of that in these books.

Bottom line is, a very good book in the series. Again I am looking forward to the read next one.