The Sergeant's Apprentice

The Sergeant's Apprentice - Christopher G. Nuttall This is another great book in the Schooled in Magic series of books. Emily is back in her own time in the Allied Lands yet for most of the book it is another change of scenery for Emily. As the book blurb states the Nameless World goes to war and, of course, Emily is on the front lines. I rarely give a 10 out of 10 star rating and it is almost unheard of that I give it to two books in the same series straight after one another but, although I think I liked Paste Tense just a tad better, this book definitely deserves a 10 out of 10 rating.

Emily and Sergeant Miles travels to a free city on the edge of the Allied Lands where the necromancer has chosen to attack. Unfortunately for Emily she not only has to fight the necromancer and his horde of Orcs and twisted humans but also the usual political bickering and stupidity among the aristocrats, old traditions and a traitor amidst their ranks. It always surprises me how many people are willing to put their greed and their own twisted desires ahead of the well being and even existence of their own society…in books as well as in real life.

The book is, as usual, well written with great characters, a good plot with lots of suspension as well as plenty of action. Although the main cause of Emily’s, and the Allied Lands’, predicament is the necromancer, they take quite a beating from the treacherous acts of the traitor in their midst. Luckily he gets what he deserves in the end, or rather a few chapters before the end. The end? Well the book more or less ends with a spectacular showdown between Emily, some of her friends, and the necromancer (or should I say the necromancers, you have to read the book to see what I mean).

This was a great read for me and I could put the book down only with great difficulty. I can hardly wait to see where Emily’s adventures leads us next.