Alarm of War, Book III: Desperate Measures

Alarm of War, Book III: Desperate Measures - H. Kennedy Hudner This book series have one big flaw. You have to wait quite far between the installments. I read the previous book back in 2014 and since I have a bit of a teflon memory, the long wait is a bit of an issue. Luckily the last book did not end in a huge cliffhanger so I did not have to go back and reread that book in order to pick up where I left off. After the first couple of pages I managed to get into the story quite satisfactory.

Desperate Measures is a good book. It is just my cup of tea. Star faring nations clash in space with big fleets, big ships and BFG’s (Big Fucking Guns). The last book ended in a quite satisfactory conclusion but the Tilleke nation apparently felt left out of the party so they threw together a new one. Actually, as it turns out, the Tilleke had the dirty hands in the previous party as well but you better read the book for the details on that one.

Apart from the usual tactics involving things that go boom the Tilleke favor subversion, sabotage and assassination and thus have intricate schemes in motion for this. As usual not my favorite stuff but the fleet actions in this book more than makes up for it.

I would say that the writing falls a bit short of similar books from my favorite authors like Doug Dandridge, Christopher Nuttall etc. but it is still quite good. The characters, the story, the action is all very good and quite enjoyable.

I also quite like that we get to follow the bad guys and read about when their, that they thought were cunning, plans starts to unravel when the Victorians decide to not play nice with the Tillekes.

The Tilleke, being the despicable fanatics they are, do have one last ace stuck up their sleeve though and this brings us to another thing I like with the book. As distasteful as it may be the Victorians do the only thing they can do in face of the last threat from the Tilleke instead of entering in some moral qualms and invent some half arsed excuse for a solution that would simply leave the problem to be dealt with by the next set of leaders some time in the future.

Bottom line, a very enjoyable book and just my cup of tea in terms of story.