Dark Heir

Dark Heir - Faith Hunter This book series started of with Jane being a bit timid, almost wimpy. Fortunately she has improved a lot and the last couple of book have been really good reads. She is now both kick-ass and quick mouthed. Her interaction with the master fang-head, as she calls him, can be quite hilarious. What I do like is that it is not just mouthing off for the sake of it but there is a certain respect and the master fang-head himself is allowed to retain quite a bit of both respect and charisma.

As usual the characters are quite good. I do really like her partners and how well they work together. It is one good, do not fuck with us, team.

In this book Jane goes up again a new, or maybe one should say really really old, adversary and she has to master all her power and then some to survive the day. It is good action indeed. Of course she has to deal with the usual vampire politics both present and from the past. As if that was not enough the author throws in a bit of witch problems as well. The result is a nice witch-brew of cool vampire and other supernatural action.

One of the things that I am not too happy about is that, although Jane’s powers have evolved, she really cannot use them (read the book to find out why). This is just so silly. It is the usual hey what about this cool power, ops now she became really overpowered, okay let’s balance it up by throwing in some stupid limitation.

Apart from that this installment in the series was really good and I am looking forward to sinking my teeth into the next one.