The Forever War

The Forever War - Raymond L. Weil The Vorn and the Protector Worlds including the humans go head butting again and of course this results in some nice space fights. To complicate things some of the more despicable and less intelligent members of the Profiteers shoves a truckload of sand into the machinery. However I would say that the end result of this is actually quite satisfactory.

The books starts off with quite a setback for the humans when that pesky High Profiteer Creed shoves his unloads that truck of sand of his. What he does not know is that he stuck his butt into a huge nasty anthill. I really liked how these parts of the story developed. The profiteers are about to have a shit sandwich not only served to them but forced down their throats with great enthusiam. Very enjoyable reading.

The main part of the book however is spent on the Vorn’s continuing rampage through the galaxy and the humans as well as the other protector worlds efforts of stopping them. Although the introvert faction of the Glaymons continue to stick their heads into the sand more sound mines are also heard and I see some serious clobber time coming up in the Vorn’s future. If you think a Glaymon cruiser was bad how about a battleship? I cannot wait to see the Vorn’s reaction when one of those bad asses turn up.

The Vorn’s themselves are not immune to the despicable politics and scheming illness and a considerable amount of time are spent on Prince Brollen’s machinations to grab glory and power.

The book is very enjoyable to read. There are the usual big space battles, preparations for battles and interactions between the characters and the various groups involved. I definitely look forward to the next book in the series.