Reconnaissance in Force

Reconnaissance in Force - Terry Mixon Reconnaissance in Force is the continuation of Paying The Price but in a way it also starts a new story arc in The Empire of Bones Saga universe. In the last book our heroes finally came back home and even though they encountered a few issues that they had to solve with their usual application of sneakiness, technology and good old fashioned stuff that goes boom it felt like it kind of finished a first story arc. Once the dust settles we move over to this book where a new adventure starts.

As the book blurb states Jared and Kelsey departs on a new mission deep into enemy space. Before that however there are a few minor things that has to be dealt with. Such as a couple of weddings, finding some interesting old artifacts from the old empire including a “key” of some importance, breaking in a new XO of Invincible and a few other things.

All of this leads up to the mission that brings our heroes back behind the enemy lines again and it looks like, again, they will stay there for some time. At least some of them.

Not surprisingly the book is similar to the other books in the saga in that it has simple but functional story tying together the preparations, the interactions, the discoveries and the action. As before I liked the characters a lot with the exception of the ones that were supposed to be dickwads. I am quite interested to see where the author takes the story next.