Grunge - Larry Correia, John Ringo It was a long time since I read the Monster Hunter International series. I was therefore quite happy when I found something new had Larry Correia’s stamp on it and took place in the Monster Hunter International universe. This is a fun book to read but, sadly, I do not think it is as good as the original Monster Hunter International series. It is good, even very good, but not WOW good.

The book is obviously co-written by Larry Correia and John Ringo although I get the impression that there is more John Ringo than Larry Correia in the book. It is a fun book to read. I like both Larry’s and John’s no bullshit style of writing. If you are offended by grown up language, womanizing or are a social justice warrior then this book is not for you. Stay far, far away from it. I am not plagued by any of these issues myself so, consequently, I quite liked the book.

The book essentially follows Oliver Chadwick Gardenier, or Chad for short, from the events where he is resurrected and sent back to Earth to fight evil and through his career as a Monster Hunter. Naturally this means lots and lots of action against various supernatural creatures and monsters. As usual with these two authors the action is quite violent and guns, explosives as well as various sharp instruments are plentiful.

However the book feels a bit lighter than the Monster Hunter International books. As the name of the series indicate it is a memoire so it is essentially the main character himself that recites the story and the way it is done is by telling various memorable events from his life. This also means that, in my opinion, the book feels a bit chopped up. Sure, there is a red thread going through it but sometimes I felt like I was reading a collection of short stories strung together.

As I wrote above, this is a good and enjoyable book but a notch below the books in the original series.