Night of the Unicorn

Night of the Unicorn - T.S. Paul Agatha’s adventures continues in the fourth installment in the series. Her rookie days are long since over and now she is the badass that is called in when magic goes bump in the night.

Agatha is back of course and so are her friends. Not surprisingly Fergus is stealing a lot of the show but this time we get to learn quite a bit about his past. As usual Agatha have a mystery to solve with its fair share of hidden secrets, twists and nefarious plots by equally nefarious characters.

These books are borderline young adult books and the story and the characters are thereafter. I have liked every book so far though, even if I am much further from being young than I would like to be.

The pacing, the dialogue, Fergus being annoying as usual, is all fun read. Agatha as well as the rest of the Federal Witch universe evolve another notch in this book and, of course, there are new hints and threads presented to the reader as to what future books may hold.

The Witches Council and the other various councils are really something I could be without though since they more often than not seems to be part of the problem and not of the solution. Typical home for political schemers and such like despicable creatures.

On the whole I enjoyed the book. A quick and easy but quite fun read.