Infinite Regress

Infinite Regress - Christopher G. Nuttall This is a very good addition to the Schooled in Magic series from one of my favorite authors, Christopher Nuttall. Emily is back in school which is my preferred setting, so far at least, for these books. It is well written as one would expect from Christopher Nuttall and there is plenty of mysteries, action and things in general going on.

As stated in the book blurb the new Grandmaster is not very keen on having Emily at the school. He is not really a bad person though and he does seem to come around a bit as the story progresses. Actually there is not really true bad guy in this book. The threat that Emily faces, apart from the usual troubles with boyfriend, other students and the workload, is whatever dark secret is hidden below Whitehall and the nexus point itself.

A secret that Professor Locke is determined to unlock by venturing into the old, blocked off, tunnel network below Whitehall. To no one’s surprise Emily, together with a friend, ends up being his assistant and, again to no one’s surprise, Professor Locke’s fumbling around sets events in motion that might have dire consequences for Whitehall and everyone within its walls.

One thing that annoyed me in the book was the utter stupidity of Professor Locke. He is supposed to be a professor at Whitehall and properly schooled in magic yet he fumbles around like an extra in red t-shirt touching everything he sees.

That is probably the only negative point I can make about this book. It was a joy to read and I could hardly put it down once I started reading it.

Well actually there is one more minor detail. The book ends in a HUGE cliffhanger. Luckily I am a bit behind with my book reading so the next instalment, Past Tense, is already published, purchased and sitting on my tablet.