Retribution - Doug Dandridge Yet another very entertaining book from Doug Dandridge.

The machines continue to pose a serious threat to all living beings and with their ability to “reproduce” they are as difficult to exterminate as cockroaches. Unfortunately the new “allies” of the Imperials may not be part of the solution but rather part of the problem.

As usual it is a well written book with plenty of action and good characters. The story is rather predictable though. The behavior and cause of action taken by the Gorgansha dictator is especially predictable so it is not very surprising when shit hits the fan big time. When you dine with the Devil you need a very long spoon.

The space action was very enjoyable to read. A lot of things that go boom are thrown around. There are a few setbacks for the Imperials but I felt most of those were caused by some Imperials relaxing too much and relying on the machines being predictable and somewhat stupid. Well, the Gorgansha mischief was perhaps not really the fault of the Imperials.

The book ends in a kind of cliffhanger. Again the end did not exactly come as a surprise but I have to say that I am quite eager to read the next one and see what the author develops the situation into.

One the whole it was a very enjoyable read although I did feel that it was a bit simple at times. I would not go as far as to say that it was rushed but I did like the other book a tad better. But then maybe I have become spoiled by all the really good books that Doug Dandridge has written.