We Will Build

We Will Build - Michael Anderle, Stephen Russell According to the author this is the first book in the second arc of The Kurtherian Gambit series. This is where the series slowly starts to take on a more serious science fiction character. As can be seen from the book blurb we are now starting to talk about getting into space and having bases on the moon.

I am actually looking forward to this. The Queen Bitch in space with a whole universe of baddie’s arses to kick. Scary thought indeed. However, we’re not really their just yet. Luckily the author is not rushing things so there are still plenty of vampire (and werewolf) business going on back on Earth.

In one sense you could say that the book is more of the same. More of the Queen Bitch, more of the fun bantering between all the members of the team and of course more of the ass kicking.

However, at the same time the story moves forward, the characters evolve, new asshats pop up for a round of educational spanking (some of them for a life long lesson…all five minutes of it), new team members are introduced and most importantly Bethany’s master plan progresses.

I do not think that I have read any book series before that managed to keep the core values and the same formula for so long and still keep me interested. The author makes the story and characters evolve in a way that it is new and old at the same time keeping the good parts that make the series what it is while adding new situations and new problems to solve, either by engineering or good old violence.

In this particular part of the story the author throws in a vampire bitch wannabee that needs to be dealt with and a few minor problems such as how to put a base on the moon. You know, just the usual stuff in a days work for a Queen Bitch. The latter little issue turns out to finally put the media spotlights on TQB industries which of course opens a new can of worms (translation: lots of new story opportunities for future books) for Bethany.

So, as usual, a really good and fun to read book.