Kneel Or Die

Kneel Or Die - Michael Anderle, Stephen Russell This book series is just so good! Sure it is light and quick reading and its never going to win any literary prices but then I really do not care about a bunch of old geeks or politically correct wankers telling me what is a good book or not. This series is unique (in my limited experience) in how it merges science fiction and urban fantasy. In addition it has plenty of fun dialogue totally ignoring any form of political correctness (aka creative cussing), plenty of action and is really my cup of tea.

The book picks up right after the big Tzar Bomba that the author dropped on us in the last few sentences of that book. As if having Tom in your head was not bad enough… Luckily the crowd in Bethany’s head do not stop her from continuing on her quest, that is save the world, kick the bad guys asses (if at first it does not work with violence, use more violence) and invent new creative cussing.

Bethany Anne is Bethany Anne of course but she has a growing entourage of very enjoyable characters that shares Bethany Anne’s beliefs in application of violence and cussing. Sure the dialog sometimes borders on slapstick comedy but it is fun.

One thing that I really like with this book series are the wow moments. That is the moments where various characters finally realizes that either, there are people that are so much better at kicking ass than themselves or, that there are things that go bump in the night. Most book series get at least the latter over with in the first book or maybe the second. This book series provides a never ending stream of these moments.

At the same time as the book is providing a lot of action, fun dialogue, wow moments etc. it also moves the main story arc forward and our heroes are constantly progressing towards their goal of getting into space.

I am a bit behind with my reviews so when typing this I have already read several other books including the next book in this series. That one did not disappoint either.