Under My Heel

Under My Heel - Michael Anderle, Stephen Russell I was a bit worried about the “Europe is erupting is tension and violence.” statement in the book blurb. It almost sounded like the story was going to turn into some kind of apocalypse story.

Luckily the book blurb was a bit exaggerated. The events were more or less just another terrorist attack. Apparently a rather bloody one but still. Not exactly “Europe erupting in violence”. To me that was a good thing. I am not too fond of apocalypse stories.

Bethany Anne as well as her bitches continues to kick ass. All of them are working towards Bethany’s modest goal of saving the world. In the process they are of course slaying Nosferatu’s and bad guys with great enthusiasm and a healthy dose of innovative politically incorrect language.

At the same time they are working on expanding their understanding and inventory of alien technology. It is almost as fun to read these parts as it is reading about Bethany Anne’s ass-kicking, although it is not exactly hard core science fiction. Actually it is more fiction and less science.

In contrast to the fast paced action the main story arc is moving forward in a more leisurely pace. It is just the right pace for me though. Bethany Anne and her people are evolving, the plot is evolving, the save the world part of the story is evolving etc…

I really do not want to go into details out of fear of spoiling things too much but one of Bethany Anne’s projects for technology development interacts with Bethany herself in a slightly unexpected way. This gives the author the opportunity to drop somewhat of a Tsar Bomba, at least for Bethany Anne, at the end of the book. Luckily the next books are already published otherwise I would have called it cruelty towards the readers.

Bottom line, great book and as enjoyable as the other ones in the series have been.