They Shall Not Pass

They Shall Not Pass - Christopher G. Nuttall, Pacific Crest Publishing The Empire’s Corps series from Christopher Nuttall continues and this, the 12th instalment, is another good book in the series. As usual it is well written with good characters and good military action. This particular instalment is quite action filled. More so than a lot of the books in this series.
Most of the action takes place on the ground of the planet Corinthian although there are some space action as well.

This is an all out frontal war. Words like slaughter easily comes to mind. Even with the grand scale of the battle the author manages to intermingle several personal stories  in the grand storyline. As is the habit of the author he also involves a touch of politics, human reasoning, feelings and real life consequences of peoples actions in the mix.

Although I prefer space action in favor of ground action the author has yet again managed to make me enjoy a book slightly out of my comfort zone as far as science fiction goes. Whether it is the enjoyable characters, the well done combat scenes or the equally well done “glue” that ties the different elements together I cannot say. Probably it is a bit of everything.