Command Decisions

Command Decisions - Terry Mixon It seems like I cannot let go of this series until I have read all the books published. Command Decisions is book three of The Empire of Bones Saga and continues the adventures of Jared, Kelsey & Co. It is, naturally, in the same style as the other books which means it is a simple, fast paced and enjoyable space opera adventure.

Commander Jared and Princess Kelsey continue their effort towards getting back home at the same time as they try to disrupt the enemies efforts. As with the other books new discoveries are made and there are of course more fighting going on.

However, their successes are severely hampered with the arrival of Captain Breckenridge. I have to say that Captain Breckenridge dragged down the book somewhat for me. He is so absolutely over the top that it becomes just ridiculous. His stupidity, egoism, bigoted worldview and utter lack of any competence or redeeming qualities whatsoever makes him not only ludicrous and annoying but also utterly unrealistic. I'm sure this person would really not be able to tie his own shoes let alone command anything, not even a garbage transport. There is no way in hell this person could have been given command of anything in a more realistic setting despite his powerful connections.

Naturally Captain Breckenridge not only disobeys lawful orders from the Princess, refuses to follow the agreed on plan but manages to utterly screw up, in a way that is almost laughable, at the worst possible moment causing the loss of the overall target objective as well as thousands of his own crew's lives. Fortunately his incompetence manages to screw him up himself after having screwed up everything else. Unfortunately it now falls on our heroes to save his bacon if for nothing else than to put him in front of a court marshal.

Having said that the book was still a quite enjoyable read and it was really sad that the author went so over the top in the portrayal of Captain Breckenridge.