It's Hell To Choose

It's Hell To Choose - Michael Anderle I’m really reading these books too fast but I simply cannot stop. This series has become addictive to me. The worst thing is that I am now six books behind with my reviews and I am struggling to keep the books apart in my head when reviewing..

The “space race” continues. Well, I guess it is not much of a race with only contestant but it is definitely a race against time. The Queen Bitch has a lot of building to do if she should be prepared when the real bad guys show up.

Of course she also has to deal with the usual asshats trying to fuck up her plans. Actually that is not entirely true. Since the cat is out of the bag when it comes to TQB’s little adventures in space her adversaries have changed. Instead of the menagerie of vampires, werewolves and just plain ordinary thugs we’re moving onto something much much worse… politicians! Well corporate businessmen and such like despicable scum bags who’s only goal in life is personal gain as well.

I’m not sure about the shift from “supernatural” adversaries to this kind of scum since I really hate that kind of human oxygen wasters but I guess it was inevitable with TQB’s increased exposure to the general public.

Well, rest assured that the Queen Bitch’s new adversaries are in for as good an ass whooping as her previous ones. However, this time not everything goes as planned for our dear ass kicking bitch. The long term result for the previously mentioned assholes are the same but not before tragedy strikes.

Well, too bad for the bad guys. Now Bethany Anne is REALLY pissed off. Next book please!