Ghosts of Empire (Book 4 of The Empire of Bones Saga)

Ghosts of Empire (Book 4 of The Empire of Bones Saga) - Terry Mixon Here we go for another entertaining episode of The Empire of Bones saga. After the clusterfuck by the unbelievably incompetent Captain Breckenridge it is up to our friends to clean up the mess. This of course leads them into yet another adventure on yet another world of the former Terran Empire.

The story this time revolves around the objective of getting their people back from Harrison’s World. Harrison’s World is occupied by former Terran Empire inhabitants where most of them believe they are still part of the empire and are not aware that they are actually slaves of the AIs. To complicate things the people of Harrison’s World has already made one attempt to overthrow the AIs and been severely punished for it.

The resistance movement remains however and naturally they see this moment as an opportunity. Unfortunately they believe that Jared and Kelsey are part of the AI’s version of the Terran Empire so it is up to our heroes to convince them otherwise.

As an additional incentive Harrison’s world is home for the Grant Research Facility, one of the most advanced military research facilities in the old Terran Empire. For Jared and Kelsey to get their hands on it would be a big bonus.

All these elements makes for the usual entertaining ride through a lot of action, suspense, adventure, good characters and nasty villains. The book is nicely written although, after having read four of these books, I have to say that the author could do with an editor. The dialogue is quite fun at times and the adventure plays out nicely. As usual our heroes gains some additional knowledge and technology on the way, as well as new friends.

Some of the adventure takes the form of political power play between those faithful to the AI “lords” and the supporters of the resistance movement. I quite liked the resistance movement representative. Her opponent is evil all the way and somewhat of a stereotype of a political bad guy but thankfully not as ludicrously stupid as Captain Breckenridge.

All in all this book contains the same kind of enjoyable, although not overly deep and complex, adventure plot that we have seen in the previous books. I found it a good reed.